Oddly Shaped Gifts

A Guide on Wrapping That Doesn’t Make Sense


Marah Klemz, Staff Writer

Step 1.

Put oddly shaped gift into a box.

Step 2.

Tape the box closed with excess Duck Tape. (NOT OPTIONAL)

Step 3.

Retrieve any type of wrapping paper and begin wrapping the box. 

Step 4.

Once you realize your box is too big to be held completely by paper, have a mental breakdown.

Step 5.

Completely wrap box with Duck Tape.

Step 6.

Grab a nametag, or if you are crafty use more Duck Tape to from a gift tag.

Step 7.

Write a meaningful note on tag

Step 8.

Do not sign your name.

Step 9.

Side quest 38. Find your friends address, appear in their fireplace (use teleportation) and leave gift under the friends tree.

Step 10.

Once you are done with that quest you may proceed to Main Quest 3 below.

Main Quest 3: 

Step 1.

Identify if your gift is fragile If it is, wrap it in a layer of newspaper or bubble wrap.

Step 2.

Place the item in a box or tube.

Step 3.

Wrap the outside of the box or tube with a few layers of wrapping paper.

Step 4.

Write a cute note and attach a name to the gift.