Shop Local

The best Christmas shopping stops in Sandpoint


Oshen Langley, Video Editor

Sharon’s Hallmark Shop.

Sharon has a nice stamp shop and lots of space. There are great gifts and presents to be found at Christmas. Get lots of gifts for your friends and family like potato chips and glassware. Sharon will present you with a memorial plaque for the whole family and many gifts.

Litehouse Specialty Food Store.

If you are looking for special food like cheese, go to the lighthouse. You can find cheeses made with grapes, raisins, and even blue cheese. If you like the orange cheese wheel, try the chili. Bread slices with ham are a delicious appetizer for the whole family.

Zero Point.

If you want a stone, put a crystal or stone in your scratch. Discover a sapphire necklace and bracelet. Silver and gold spoons, many stones. Lots of stones in this shop, big stones and small stones. There are crystals. Find rubies, emeralds and many more precious stones.

Naked at the Bridge.

You will find the bath bombs in this shop. Get the shape of a donut or a Christmas tree. Lots of scents to choose from, cinnamon scents and scents. There are green and blue stones to make your bathroom look better, and even purple ones. Get someone’s bath bomb for your sister.