Creation is a job to some and an art to others. One of the newest ways to create something in today’s age is through 3D printing. This is any process to making a three-dimensional object. Recently, this hobby is pressure limited for good reasons.

After a 3D printing company based in Texas posted schematics for a fully functional gun besides the firing pin, the file had been downloaded 100,000 times in two days. That’s equivalent to two sold out Seahawks games. Being able to print so many different useful things sounds awesome but if anybody can have a gun that’s not registered, most would feel uneasy walking down a street anywhere in the country, let alone big cities that already have crime problems such as Chicago, Detroit or New Orleans.

It is essential for Congress to do something [about 3D printed guns].”

— Kristin Hawkins

There’s another page to this book though. Some companies are beginning to print artificial and functional organs. In the future, this could shorten many of the waiting lists for transplant surgeries drastically. Most recently a doctor was seen holding a working, 3D printed pancreas during a TED talk. Today’s technology is past what most are even dreaming of and it advances every day.

Like most topics, there will always be two sides. Limiting the printing of gun parts in today’s age is nearly impossible and worrying to many. On the other hand, there are huge benefits in printing organs to revolutionize the medical field. As this technology develops more with time, decisions will have to be made on who gets printing rights. This can prove to be difficult, but only time will determine the future of 3D printing.