Boarding Music Playlist

Struggling to find some good ski jams to pump you up on the slopes? Just press play.

The type of music you listen to while hitting the slopes is a personal choice, which makes it very hard to find the perfect playlist for a day on the mountain. When you’ve listened to the same playlist over and over again, it can become very repetitive and you might find yourself just skipping every song after a minute. Don’t worry we’ve all been there, taking the time to take off our gloves in the cold to skip a horrible song that happened to make it onto our list, or even getting all suited up and realizing that you have no music to listen to. With this in mind  we asked a couple of students at SHS to share what their favorite kind of music to listen to is while skiing, boarding, or bootpacking and created a perfect playlist to rock out to while on the slopes! 

Click here to listen to these awesome jams!