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January 21, 2016
April 16, 2015
Jackson Diercks gets a running start.

Caroline Suppiger

Jackson Diercks gets a running start.

For student athletes at Sandpoint High School during the month of March, playing spring sports outside rather than in the gym is a new experience. Traditionally, fields, courts, and the track are covered by snow forcing most spring sports to share the gyms or practice on concrete.

“I think it was about five years ago we actually started Feb. 26 outside for two weeks – which were beautiful – and then we had three weeks of snow and really bad weather but we started out great. This is the best it has ever been since I started coaching,” varsity tennis coach Kent Anderson said.

Along with tennis, both baseball and softball started practicing outside at the beginning of the season rather than in the gym. Both teams plan to have a home game on Thursday, March 12. Early season baseball and softball games have been cancelled or rescheduled in the past due to snow on the fields, but both teams are hoping for the best.

Senior baseball player Chandler Brewington thinks the extra time out on the field will be very beneficial for his team.

“Having to practice in the gym is always a huge disadvantage for us because of the fact that most of the teams we play are practicing outside so much earlier than us. I think that being able to get outside this early is going to make a big impact on how we perform against those teams,” Brewington said.