Ski Film Review

5 new ski movies that will get you psyched for hitting the slopes.

Piper Frank, Outdoors Editor

Make Believe

Make Believe, a ski production made by Teton Gravity, celebrates athletes that have fallen in love with skiing and mountain life. It shows how skiing a few turns of powder can turn into such a passion that it feels unreal. The production illustrates some of the best skiing in Montana; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Coastal Mountains, BC; Colorado; the Columbia Mountains; and the Japanese Alps. This film will get you ready to be on the slopes again.


Huck Yeah

Grab your friends and huck into the ski season after watching this ski movie. It highlights the excitement, love, and fun involved in skiing. Huck Yeah segments athletes getting outdoors and doing what they love…skiing!


Future Retro

Future Retro is a great kick-off to the winter. It follows skiers around the globe in Switzerland, Iceland, and Antarctica, segments of old skiers (the retro) are shown, as well as the future generations of skiers and what they are doing to beat out the retro. The legendary retro techniques shown will inspire all this winter season.



Nothing is a snow riding short film showing smooth, silky riding– a great way to get you ready for the powder to come. Riders Parker White, LSM, Forest Bailey, Matt Wainhouse, Patrick McCarthey, and Duncan Adams star in this film, accompanied by others, shred through unbelievably deep and soft powder. This film features not only skiing and snowboarding but also snow surfing to get you ready for all kinds of winter fun.


Follow the Forecast

The forecast directs how your snow year is going to be on a given day, week, or even months, so to snow riders, it is very important. Follow the Forecast shows riders on the deepest days, their first time mountaineering experiences, checking out new locations, and the friendly banter that comes with exploring the winter months. No matter what the forecast is, this film is sure to make you want to go out and ride.