CP staffer rates 3 topics as either overrated, properly rated, or underrated


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Staffer Brenden Banks gives his opinion on how stuff is rated.

Brenden Banks, Q&A Editor


TikToks: TikTok is possibly the most cancerous form of new age entertainment to emerge since After School Anonymous. The platform appeals to younger generations which attracts an influx of people from the ages of 17-25 to create self-promotional content in order to receive validation from a much younger audience. TikTok represents a wasteland for washed up YouTubers or any other lowley level content creator who believes this is their last chance to obtain the slightest amount of internet recognition from anyone willing to view their garbage.  

Properly Rated

U.K. Rappers: As rap grows more popular as a genre, so does its reach to different audiences. Rappers from the UK such as SlowThai, Skepta, or even Stormzy have  been receiving a lot of praise for their accents and unique rhyme schemes. However, the differences between rap within the US and UK are clearly visible. Rap in the US focuses largley on materialistic possesions, and individual wealth. In contrast, UK artists divert their attention to adding depth to their lyrics and creating abstract flows in order to breed authenticity in a genre where material is recycled or copied by a majority of artists. 


Washing Your fruits/veggies: A majority of people are unaware of all the pesticides and pathogens that cover the fruits or vegetables they purchase regularly. Simply washing your fruits and veggies can decrease the amount of unpleasant things found on the surface layer dramatically.