CP Editor reviews Netflix documentary “Don’t F**k With Cats”

Joe Parsley, Website & Video Managing Editor


Netflix Original “Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer” is a three-part documentary recently released in mid-December of 2019 that quickly became a hit.

The story follows two main people, Deanna Thompson and John Green, and their Facebook group as they track down an animal and human murderer.

The documentary specifically follows a Facebook group that was created after a video of an unidentified man killed two cats.  

He ends up publishing two more videos of him killing cats, with the last video stating he was moving onto harder prey.

The group eventually tracks down who the man is, but they can’t pinpoint his exact location; they keep finding where he was a couple days after he left.

After some time, he posts a video of him killing and dismembering a man, and later killing a dog.

He flees the country (Canada) a few days after the murder, stays in France for awhile, and then goes to Germany where he was ultimately arrested. They sent him back to Canada.

Overall, the documentary is incredibly engaging and captivates you from the get go. 

The Netflix crew did a great job of asking the “right” questions to get the most information out of their interviewees to make the documentary very informative while being objective. 

And after watching the series, you’ll most likely keep thinking about how crazy this whole story is days after you’ve watched it, because that’s what’s happened to me.

My only discrepancy is the ending because it doesn’t make sense; the documentary tries to blame the audience for the murders. This doesn’t fit anything they’ve been trying to convey in the documentary. 

Other than that, this documentary is highly recommended if you like stories about serial killers.