Reflecting on my time at Sandpoint High School


Peyton Mullen

Senior Managing Editor Shea Kilpatrick recently graduated from SHS at semester.

Shea Kilpatrick, Senior Managing Editor

They say high school goes by fast, but you never truly understand how fast until you’re there looking back on the past four years. My last day of high school was January 26th. I decided to pursue graduating early during my first semester of junior year, not even a year ago. And since then, my oh my, the last months as a high school student have moved faster than I ever could’ve imagined.

As my high school experience flies to an end, the best way to find closure for this chapter of life is through reflection and advice. Although I’m leaving this part of my life behind earlier than others, it does not mean I’ve got it figured out. But while I’m here, I might as well pass on the lessons I’ve learned to those who’ve got a few more years. 

High school gives you the best and the worst. From late nights with your friends to late nights deep in textbooks and notes, it’s a wild ride that changes every minute and feels like the only thing that matters in the world.

The best advice I can give to you, whether you’re a freshman, seventh grader or a senior is to make the most of it. Vague, I know. But really. 

Make these years something you can look back on with admiration, and maybe even a little cringey. Put yourself out there, meet new people, try new things and most of all, challenge yourself to grow while you have the chance. 

Know that school isn’t everything. Education is important, but so are the rest of your life experiences. Balance in every aspect can make these years something you’re both proud of and something you enjoyed. 

Now, looking back as a soon to be graduate, I can really see the great things about Sandpoint High School, but also the areas in which our school could grow as a whole. Personally, my experience at SHS has overall been positive. From helpful teachers, late arrivals, fun events, and activities such as sports and clubs, I have been blessed with many wonderful experiences here.

But, like anything, our school could be challenged to do become a better version of itself. Things like cutting deals with administrators over excessive ARP, having complaints over teachers not taken seriously, and lack of decent sportsmanship or engagement in activities hold all of us back in the long run. 

Ultimately, I am lucky and grateful to have grown up in Sandpoint and graduated from Sandpoint High. Flaws and all, I wouldn’t have it any other way.