Cedar Post staffer picks a winner between two popular local coffee shops

Olivia Lynch, Copy Editor

If you’re looking for a place to study that sports good music, good coffee, and a good environment, either The Longshot or Evans Brothers may come to mind. In my opinion, The Longshot is a much better option. Although the Longshot is a new business, it already has a more comfortable environment, better music, and is generally superior to Evans Brothers. 

The Longshot is an all day cafe located across from Dubs on Highway 2. Beginning construction in April 2019, they opened on September 7th and since then, have been an immediate hit.

 In addition to their delicious array of food and drink, they house Understory Coffee, which arguably has the best chai in Sandpoint. Heart Bowls Food Truck is also located on the same property as the Longshot; this food truck boasts deliciously healthy and incredibly Insta-worthy food, from Açaí bowls to baked goods to rice bowls. In opposition, Evans Brothers is on its own business-wise, which is defenseless in comparison to the Longshot. 

Furthermore, the interior of the Longshot exhibits a variety of interesting and colorful decorations, such as a massive map of the US, an assortment of vintage furniture, and a metal orange fireplace. Not only is the space comfortable and warm, but everything I could ever want in an interior space if I was a stylish 70’s housewife. 

If I need any more reasons to prove to you that the Longshot is superior to Evans Brothers, it exhibits an amazing playlist. The last time I was in the Longshot, the music choices included Fleetwood Mac, Leon Bridges, and John Mayer; all of which are brilliant artists. Good music creates an environment that I feel content and focused in, which results in productivity and satisfaction. I can honestly say that the Longshot hit this element right on the dot.

When choosing a location to give your business and time, it’s important to think of the factors that matter to you. It’s also important to support small businesses, as they are the ones that bring our community together. For me, I choose the Longshot over Evans Brother for many reasons. The Longshot will be seeing more of me and hopefully more of my classmates in the future.