Seniors are looking for the 4-peat, who’s in their way of that goal?


Abigail Hendricks

Senior Brooklen Steiger throws the ball to a teammate during their first practice of the year.

Abigail Hendricks, Opinion Editor

Powderpuff, the long anticipated event of the year where class clashes against class and girls get the opportunity to unleash their aggression. This year, the seniors are on the hunt for an undefeated high school career. Here’s your look into what to expect in the games next week and who to watch out for on the field.


Coaches: Christian Niemela and Jake Ryan

Key players: Brooklen Steiger, Isabel Edwards, Jaycie Irish, and every other person on the team is a key player

Goal for the game: To have a good defense and have a killer offense.

Key questions: Will the seniors hold out for the 4-peat, or fall apart at their final moments? Will they continue to do so well without one of their star players, Maddie Morgan, who can’t play due to cross country?


Coaches: Brandon Sargent and Max Thielbahr

Key players: Look out for Richelle McGuire on the line and Breann Klopman as a receiver

Goal for the game: To try our best against the senior class.

Key question: The juniors say that their biggest goal is to beat the seniors, but will they pull off the upset and make that goal into a reality?


Coaches: Trevor Meyer and Michael Plunk

Key players: Destiny Lyons, Olyvia Teichmer, and anyone who can throw well

Goal for the game: To come together and try to be organized as a team and actually score a touchdown.

Key question: The Sophomore class currently have many open spots, will they have to forfeit once game day comes?


Coaches: Cody Newhart and Arie VanDenBerg

Key players: Anna Reinink, Kailee McNamee, Kimberly Yarnell, Mckinzie Spafford, and Daylee Driggs

Goal for the game: To give the seniors a challenge and at least win a game.

Key question: Can the freshman come together in their first year and pull out a win, and will they be able to compete with the seniors during their first game?