Senior Emi Lynch shares her tips for the having the best homecoming


Emi Lynch

What should you wear? How should you dress? Emi Lynch gives her advice for HOCO.

Emi Lynch, Editor-in-Chief


In our small town, when we have the opportunity to dress up and splurge on an original dress once a year for homecoming, the money is rarely viewed as wasted. However, things get tricky when shopping for a matching pair of heels. My experience has revealed that fancy and comfortable heels average around $50 a pair, and for someone who wears heels literally once a year, that price seems a bit steep. Prioritizing my money on the dress and borrowing shoes from a friend has proven to be the smartest plan over the years.

Split a Meal 

Homecoming can be quite the expense if you take into account the money that goes into the initial proposal, outfits, corsages, and dinner arrangements. The hole in your wallet can shrink just a bit with this simple trick: split a meal with your friend or date. For example, Ivano’s, a popular choice for homecoming dinners, has an option to buy a half or whole pasta dish. Usually, these dishes are $12 for a half dish and $18 for a full dish, and for anyone who’s familiar with Ivano’s serving sizes, a full dish of pasta tends to be a difficult meal to dance on for multiple hours. Instead of each ordering a half dish, why not save $6 and get the perfect amount of food?

Shoes for Afterwards 

After dancing for multiple hours, especially in heels, there is often some damage control that needs to be done on your feet. Blisters, swelling, and flat-out numbness have been common predators of mine in the past. I can assure you, few things come close to the sensation of finally freeing yourself of the rigid confinements that homecoming heels provide. My tip? Bring along your favorite pair of slippers, Birkenstocks, or Crocs to leave in the car for afterwards- accompanied by a cozy pair of socks, of course.

Wear Hair Up 

It might look cute for the photos, but the minute you enter the decked-out space previously known as the commons, I guarantee you will regret the choice to wear your hair down. The precision and hard work you put into getting the perfect curls will go down the drain the instant you join the sweaty mob of teenagers on the dance floor. Why not save yourself the matted hair and go for a classy braid arrangement or ponytail instead? 

Coat for Pictures

Year after year, the timeline that we call homecoming week seems to get colder. Pictures are a major part of the homecoming process, but they can be tricky to get down. Chances are, you will probably spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour taking photos, and the October air will bite your bare legs, arms, and toes. You will thank me for this advice: bring a zip-up coat to throw on for the periods in between taking photos.