Tips if this is your first time attending Battle for the Paddle

Cedar Post Staff

Get seats early and save as much space as you need. Seats fill up quickly and if you don’t stake your claim early you won’t be able to sit with your friends. STAY FOR WRESTLING! Even if you think wrestling isn’t your thing, it’s surprisingly really entertaining and fun to watch and cheer for.

-Ben Wikoff


I would warn people who are going to Battle for the Paddle for the first time to dress cool, not the style, but temperature, it gets super hot in the gym with all those people.

-Bekah Nelson


If you have never attended Battle for the Paddle I would highly recommend being completely prepared. Being prepared means having an outfit ready, having a ride, being in a happy, school-spirited mood, and lastly, remembering your ticket.

-Evelyn Webster


When preparing Battle for the Paddle make sure to wear earmuffs because it gets very loud and can cause headaches. Also due to all the screaming, bring a water bottle, it can help sooth your throat.

-Casey Olesen


To get the most of your Battle for the Paddle experience, show up in red and white Sandpoint gear, participate in the SHS chants and cheer on your Sandpoint teams. The more you participate, the more fun and memorable this competitive event will be.

-Molly Balison


If you are attending Battle for the Paddle, you should first be aware that it is loud, and if your ears are sensitive, you should probably get some ear plugs. Another thing you should do is participate. If you do not participate in Battle for the Paddle, there is a slim chance that you may enjoy being there.

-Jaycee Forell


Make sure to get to the event early! Seats in the gym fill up quickly, so if you want a good spot for the action make sure you get there as soon as possible. Also, if you plan to get up a lot, pick a seat either near the front row, or near an aisle. It is very difficult to try to get out of the middle of the stands because they are packed. Hope these tips helped!

-Connor Bird


I recommend getting something to eat beforehand as Battle for the Paddle is super long and while there’s the concessions stand, it’s really not the same. So, why not enjoy Battle for the Paddle on a full stomach?

-Tara Rawlings


The greatest advice I can give to best prepare for battle for the paddle is to hydrate beforehand so that you don’t lose your voice from screaming so much.

-Addi House


My advice for first time B4P goers is, go all out and don’t worry about what you’ll look like. Everybody wears crazy stuff so step outside of your comfort zone and show school spirit!

-Braedon Dressel