What you need to know about this year’s Battle for the Paddle.


Freddy Libby

SHS Student Council works on posters for the upcoming Battle for the Paddle in January.

Joe Parsley, Web Editor

January 18, 2019. Save the date. This is the day when SHS students will go to Lakeland High School to battle for the paddle.

Judging and events will largely remain the same as in past years, however there will be one key difference in the scoring system this year.

“The point system for each category that we are judged on are all the same, we just talked about making it so that 5 points are deducted from our overall score for each time a student is ejected from the Battle for the Paddle,” said Junior Class President Savannah Morgan.

More will be said on the day of Battle for the Paddle when Student Council will have an assembly to go over the point system, as well as rules and cheers.

Another difference will be the ticket option. Last year, there was a spirit pack option and a ticket/shirt option, but that will change this time.

“This year, there’s not going to be a spirit pack, $10 gets you a shirt, bus pass, ticket, tattoo, and glasses (students will get the tattoos and glasses at the door),” said Morgan.

Other than that, expect most everything about the battle to be the same as usual, including when events are scheduled.

The girl’s basketball game will start promptly at 4 PM and during halftime, there will be a cheerleading performance and a decibel reading. After that, the girl’s will play the second half of their game.

When the girl’s basketball game is over, the paddle babble and the showing of the artwork will occur. Right after that, the wrestling mats will be rolled out onto the court for the wrestling matches.

Once the wrestling matches are over, there will be a road race, another decibel reading, and the dance team will perform.

Then, boy’s basketball will play their first half, and at halftime, there will be a lip sync and the presentation of the Toys for Tots checks.

Sometime after the game ends, the winner of the battle will be announced, and the winning school can celebrate and have bragging rights for the year.

Even though everybody wants the battle to be in Sandpoint, the 40 minute drive to Lakeland could be worth the time and money to maybe see a Bulldog victory.

Student Council advisor Mary Imaz said, “I would much rather have it here because I think we could get a lot more people representing us, but I look forward going to Lakeland.”