Staffer Mason Bangeman names off key players for Powerpuff on Wednesday.


Mason Bangeman, Web Staff

Powderpuff is an annual event held by the school where instead of boys playing football the girls get a chance to test the waters. With the Juniors/Class of 2020 looking for a three-peat, they are the team to beat.

Starting with the Juniors, their team is looking stacked. With Brooklyn Steiger at quarterback, they are a threat when throwing the ball to the most talented receiving core this year has to offer. With Dawson Driggs and Maddie Morgan running routes, look for them in the endzone at least once, both of them are versatile threats. As the game isn’t all just flashy long throws, watch for Jaycie Irish keeping the defense in check with blocking and running routes at tight end.

Now that we are done with the returning champs, let’s go back down to the freshman, with little to no experience and half their team and coaches not showing up to practices, don’t count on them getting much done against the tough, hard-nosed seniors. With their team being anchored at the offensive line by center Quincy Evans, she is aggressive and fast. With Kiley Williams under center, look for her ability to takeoff down field when everyone is covered.

Now the sophomores, bringing in a fast underrated team, look for them to come out with a bang. Going against the Juniors, they are going to have to be almost perfect if they want to take this one. With Lilly Gammon and Ella Perry switching snaps under center, look out for two different styles being played on offense. Also with the Sophomores this year is Brigit Wilder at running back, with history in soccer she can be gone without you even knowing.

Last but not least, the seniors. With the seniors not having won the championship before, look for them to be out there fighting until the final whistle. With the new addition this year of Olivia Tucker, look for her starting both ways at linebacker and running back, being an absolute terror on the field. With lots of talent, starting all four years, Morgan Wohllaib and Maren Andrick’s connection from quarterback to tight end, look for Wohllaib getting the ball to Andrick at least one time in the endzone. With the the defense looking tough this year, look for lots of turnovers created by the hard nosed seniors, fighting for their first and last title this year.