Jezza Hutto, Sports Editor

Scarywood Haunted Nights began in 2009 and has grown bigger, better and scarier every year since, and for the most part, 2017’s horror-themed amusement park lived up to these expectations.

During a night at Scarywood, one should expect to see zombies, evil dolls, clowns, gilly monsters, werewolves, scarecrows, cannibals, human pigs, and many more bloody, and horrific characters. With a variety of haunted houses, scare zones and altered rides, hold onto your hats because the fear is inevitable.

A Scarywood original, Blood Bayou, is a haunted house that features cannibalism, gore and disturbing images that will definitely give participants the heebie-jeebies. The house is rated a level 4 out of 5 on the scare scale by Scarywood. The realistic actors and set make this haunted house a fan favorite, but for some people who go every year, it is predictable, lacking new ideas, and may be a masterpiece ready for retirement.

Next there’s 3Dementia, also a fan favorite, which features loud dubstep music, clowns and an array of optical illusions. This trippy attraction is rated a level 4 because of the sensory overload it presents, but many would rate it lower based on fear level. Although it is not the scariest haunted house, 3Dementia is always entertaining and worthwhile.

Total Darkness, also a returning house, is rated a 3 because there is literally nothing to see. This simple, yet completely chaotic, and claustrophobic attraction is a place for people to get lost, scared, and overwhelmed as they do their bests to get out of the pitch black maze. Total Darkness always gets the job done and never disappoints.

Then there is Caved In, rated a 5, and almost guaranteed to make participants’ blood run cold. The haunted house mimics an underground tunnel filled with fog and creepy characters. The idea is a good one, but the house itself is short and lacks creativity, after being at the park for a few years.

Last but not least, 2017 brings a new haunted house to Scarywood: Planet Zombie. This is rated a 5 by Scarywood on the scare scale, and lives up to its ratings, with a creative variety of characters and changes of setting, and an intriguing plot.

Along with the haunted houses, which are optional, there are seven unavoidable scare zones, which are encountered often when walking around the park. Another difference in the theme park is the rollercoaster Timber Terror, which runs backwards in October, but always has a huge line. Most of the other attractions are open and the same exasperating rides as always.

For a theme park in Athol, Idaho, Silverwood does a good job with its production of a frightening, horror-themed amusement park. The haunted theme park is a perfect October weekend activity for a big group of friends. Be prepared for even more fearful attractions at Scarywood in 2018.