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Students give their opinions on what makes a substitute great.

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If you ask anyone at the high school most will agree that they have a clear favorite substitute teacher. Whether it’s because they’re pleasant to be around or they know how to run a class well, students each have their own opinions on who the best are at Sandpoint High School. However, many still ask the same question: what makes these substitutes so great?

According to students like sophomore Thomas Aleto and junior Garrett Connolly, there are numerous qualities that make a stellar substitute. For example, some students like myself generally enjoy a substitute for their overall generosity and kindness.

“My favorite substitute has to be Mrs. Miller because we can joke around with her and she’s respectful to students. She knows how to treat us like adults, so it’s kind of refreshing to have a sub from time to time,” said Aleto.

Not only are Mrs. Miller and others famed for being kind to their students, but sometimes a substitute provides the refreshing change in a class that we all need.

“Personally, I like a substitute that doesn’t sit around and instead makes us get our work done. For the most part, teachers pick the sub that best fits our class, but a substitute that doesn’t let us get behind in our work is very helpful in my opinion,” said Connolly.

Even though these are only a few substitutes that are more well known at Sandpoint High School, many others still come to mind.

For instance, a substitute teacher that I think about in terms of how entertaining they are is Mr. Ragoni, as he always brings a new story to share with the class, once you get passed his strict persona of course. Not only that, but substitutes like Mrs. Flaherty, Mrs. Bittle, and many others are also substitutes that I respect for their motivation to continue work in the class as if the teacher were never even gone.
Overall, there are many substitute teachers that are clear cut candidates for being the best at Sandpoint High School, and hopefully there are many more in the future.

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