Liz Marshall, Opinion Editor







Most students, especially upperclassmen, feel a lot of stress regarding their grades, SATs, and college applications. However, there are few jobs as important as an educator’s. Without education society doesn’t advance or grow. That fact in itself puts an immense amount of pressure on teachers, and especially those teaching core classes.

In contrast to students, who are only responsible for themselves, teachers shoulder the responsibility of hundreds of students’ eduations.

Teachers do a lot of extra work in and outside of school grading homework assignments and tests and they are also tasked with creating lesson plans that cater to all students.

Students do feel an immense amount of pressure, but at the end of the day it’s the teachers and adults paying the bills. Some students have to contribute to their family incomes, but it is extremely rare for a high school student to be the sole provider in a household.

Teachers have lives and activities they participate outside of school as well. Still many teachers are willing to put in extra time helping students after access and sometimes advising a club. Even teachers with prep periods who can grade papers in school don’t leave the job solely at work; they take it home with them in the sense that their job is paying for their bills and their lifestyles.  Multi-tasking doesn’t go away as an adult and it is important that high schoolers learn to negotiate and manage stress.

No teacher is perfect and at times they can seem way too demanding of high schoolers. But the fact is, that if you accept the challenge you will thrive.