Riley Walkington and Grace Kirscher plan to continue athletics beyond high school

Sam Augirre, Sports Editor











Sandpoint has many student athletes that will continue athletics into college, but rarely do these athletes decide to play in a specific college as soon as sophomore year.

Students athletes normally don’t start getting recruited and talking with colleges about athletic programs until the athlete’s junior or senior year of high school.

Even so, Sandpoint High School has two underclassmen already involved with college athletics.

Junior Grace Kirscher plays basketball and volleyball and sophomore Riley Walkington plays soccer.

In her basketball and volleyball careers Kirscher has begun to be recruited.

Kirscher played on the  varsity team her freshman and sophomore years.

Multiple colleges began trying to recruit her for their athletic programs starting her sophomore year.

Some of colleges seeking Kirscher’s athletic skills include Carroll college, University of Montana, and Montana State University.

Montana State University and University of Montana are both NCAA Division One schools and it is impressive to have these colleges recruiting a sophomore.

Kirscher believes it is the people in her life who have brought her to this point.

“I honestly just love basketball and I’ve been fortunate to have multiple coaches such as Coach Pickett, Coach Bowman, my dad, Coach Ward, and Coach Love and so many more all help me out with it,” Kirscher said.

Kirscher also believes that one of the main reasons she is being recruited is because of her love and passion for basketball.

It is important to her for people to know how much help she has gotten and how much she owes the people who have helped her.

Riley Walkington has committed to going to Eastern Washington University for her college soccer career.

Walkington committed to this college on July 21, 2016 during the summer before her sophomore year.

Walkington had many reasons for why she chose this college to continue her athletic career.

“I want to go there because they are a good Division One team, it’s pretty close to home, I like the coaches and their team is getting better,” Walkington said.

Eastern Washington has had a great season with a 13-4-4 overall record and a 5-2-3 conference record.

This year, Walkington started on the girls varsity soccer team as a sophomore and played a large role in the team getting second place in the Idaho State tournament.

“It’s somewhat scary, but even more exciting. […]  Immediately after visiting I knew it was the place for me,” Walkington said.

Walkington has been playing soccer for eleven years and also plays year around for Sandpoint Strikers and FC Nova which is the only Elite Clubs National Teams team in Idaho.