Shake Off the Winter Blues


We all know about depression, but what some people don’t know is that seasonal depression exists too. However, there is a chemical in the brian that can help combat seasonal depression called serotonin. Serotonin affects your mood and your overall well being. And with these five helpful activities listed below, you can boost your serotonin levels and help combat the feelings of seasonal depression. 



Meditation is extremely helpful with our mental health. It allows us to slow things down and readjust ourselves, so make sure to do lots of meditation rituals. There are also plenty of free apps to get you into meditation that you can download.


Light boxes

When the winter season comes around, sunlight is in short supply. Experts recommend a thirty minute exposure to a light box to help with your health. They range in a wide variety to suit your everyday life. 


Taking care of plants

It is said that taking care of plants can help combat depression and it bises yourself. There are a wide range of plants with their sizes which can fit your lifestyles. It also can be great to have a routine so you can have something to do. 


Spending time with friends and the people you care about 

When you feel bummed out and you need something to lift you up, look to the people you love. Spending time with the people who care about you and make you happy can help you get out of a rut anyday. It’s never a good idea when you’re feeling depressed to just stay inside and not deal with your issues. Talk about them to your friends so you don’t have to keep it in. Sometimes just having someone listen to your problems can make you feel better. 


Workout sessions

Working out is a common and effective way to help with seasonal depression. It releases endorphins which fuels the happy parts in your brain. It’s also important to have a good diet so that your body is healthy and having a good diet can also boost your mood. It is true you are what you eat. 


As we head into the gloomy months of the year it’s important to keep your mental health in check, so you don’t get burned out. Stop every once in a while and just breath and take a step back. It will all be okay and remember you are loved. These tips might not help with everyone.