Ranging from simple to complex, these Valentines Day plans are guaranteed to make your holiday extra special


Wil Auld

A couple depicting what a bonfire on Valentine’s Day might look like.

Max Reed and Wil Auld

Make Breakfast Together

Begin by planning to meet at a reasonable time, contacting your romantic partner before hand, and communicating the idea. In order to purchase the correct ingredients, choose a meal based on your partner’s palate. This can include anything from pancakes/waffles to a French souffle or quiche. By cooking together rather than the cliche Valentine’s Day brunch, this romantic twist will bring you close together as a couple.

Create a Custom Calendar

Together, find a reasonable calendar making app or company and mark down special events in your relationship such as your anniversary, dates, goals, dreams– anything you would deem to be special to your relationship. This uncommon valentines plan will make you connect with you on a deeper emotional level rather than doing a stereotypical Valentine’s get-together.

Compose an Original Song

Despite the influence of typical rom-coms, surprise serenading people in Valentine’s is not a very commonly used Valentine’s idea. Although very romantic, this idea comes at the price of performance in public or just your partner. But, if you’re devoted, it’s very sweet and not very hard to accomplish. All you need is a simple background, which can be found on youtube (or you can make it yourself if you play guitar or ukulele), and custom lyrics that you believe represent how you feel about your partner.

Mystery Box

A romantic and uncommonly used idea that shows your devotion and connection to your partner is making a mystery box. This should contain items which hold sentimental value in your relationship such as the ticket to the first concert you went to together, pictures of you being together, their favorite stuffed animal, a seashell from when you went to the beach together, etc. 

Mock Vacation

Because many people reading this do not possess the means to treat their Valentine to a fancy vacation, a mock vacation is the perfect substitute. For example, say your partner has always wanted to visit Hawaii. Instead of actually going on a vacation, bring the vacation to them. Start by decorating a room with tiki torches, palm trees, a fake beech, and some classic Hawaiian decorations. Find some background music to compliment the decor; this can include ambient waves or a gentle ukulele track. Find a heater of some sort and possibly a humidifier to recreate the Hawaiian atmosphere. Complete it all with traditional Kahlua barbeque pork.

Have a Valentines Day Bonfire

Whether you invite friends or not, this is still a cozy and romantic way to spend valentines day. This idea does require some prior planning, but it will be worth it in the end. You need a large pile of dry wood twigs and logs, a source of water to prevent a forest fire and a warm blanket. After dinner when the sun goes down, take your Valentine out to a burnpile, light it on fire and enjoy each other’s company.