Signs that will help you know if they’re your Valentine

Gabby Hicks, Sports Editor

If you’re not the type of person who likes to put yourself out there or take risks when it comes to romance, these are some things that will help you determine if your crush is interested and wants to be your valentine.

All girls like to think that they are an open book, but to most boys it’s hard to understand what a girl really wants (and vice-versa). It’s even harder to as straight up if they want to be your valentine. So, here are some signs that that your crush wants to be your valentine. 

In today’s age, where social media is a main form of communication, there’s a few signs they like you back based on how they talk to you on these apps. One sign is if they send you things at random points the day; memes, TikTok, thoughtful texts, and more. This shows that they are thinking about you when you are apart. A sophomore says, “I knew my crush liked me back after he sent me a meme of something I mentioned weeks ago, but it just showed that he pays a lot of attention to me.”  

Also, if they are responding quickly and consistently throughout the day it shows that they enjoy talking to you and the effort put forth should not go unnoticed.

When you finally get time to hangout in person, there are many body language queues that can be helpful when figuring out if someone likes you or not. For starters, eye contact. If your crush is keeping prolonged eye contact with you or you catch them staring, it is a sign that they are interested. Additionally, if they are going out of their way to make light physical contact with you, this is a clear indication of flirting. 

A junior at Sandpoint High shared the story of how she knew her boyfriend first liked her back; “We were paddle boarding, and when he went to point out a cloud he leaned in really close to me, then I just knew…” 

Despite all the little things that add up to show that someone is interested in you, communication is always key when it comes to developing a relationship. A teacher at SHS says that she was really straight forward and asked, “Why do you like me so much?” to her then boyfriend, but current husband, and he responded, “I don’t like you, I love you.” It may be scary to leave your heart out there for someone, but if the person is worth the heartbreak you might as well take the risk.