Prospects going into Week 4


Peyton Mullen

Peter Weber is the most recent bachelor on the show.

Autumn Morgan, Social Media Editor

After a drama filled first three weeks, it’s not very clear to see which women are competing for Peter’s love or are there only to stir up drama within the mansion. Here is my opinion of which women are there with the right intentions and which are there for the sole reason of craving attention.

First off, here’s a quick recap of what’s been going down in the mansion. In the second episode, after Peter was introduced to all of his “lovely” bachelorettes, Kelsey was not reluctant to be the first to cry. After setting up a cute champagne mini date for herself and Peter, she was excited to have some alone time with him. Unfortunately, Hannah took Peter there and stole Kelsey’s date, unaware that it was set up by someone else. This led to unnecessary drama, tears, and so called “bullying”, earning the title of “The Champagne Scandal”. As if this wasn’t enough for the first episodes of the season, Sydney was quick to call out Alayah for her personality around the women and how it differed when she was around Peter, leading to huge amounts of drama within the group.

With all this drama, many of the women’s true colors were revealed to Peter, making this night extremely stressful for Peter. Although, to make matters a bit better, on Peter and Victoria’s one on one date went extremely well. Not only did the two hit it off, but they seemed to have a solid connection, allowing Victoria to feel as if she could open up to Peter about heart-wrenching events from her past. This honesty was much needed and appreciated by Peter. After earning the one on one date rose, their connection is looking strong heading into week 4.

On the other hand, after Peter was confronted by many women about the facade Alayah hides behind, things were not looking good for her headed into the rose ceremony. Sure enough, she was sent home when host Chris Harrison removed one of the two remaining roses, and Peter gave the final one to Mykenna. The only good coming from the situation was Sydney’s newly gained trust from Peter after revealing she is not afraid to speak up and tell it how it is 

Keeping in mind that The Bachelor is a drama filled show; this probably won’t be the last we see of the dramatic beauty queen Alayah. Peter, clearly distraught after sending her home, will most likely ask her to come back in the coming weeks. But, this could very well be the producers not wanting to remove the leading cause of drama and “influencing” Peter to keep her around, regardless of any feelings that are or aren’t there. Ultimately, Victoria and Sydney, the two women who have had the most time with Peter and managed to stay honest and above the drama, seem to be the leaders in the race for Peter’s love. For all we know, this could easily change going into week four.