Don’t know what to wear this Friday night? Use this guide to help


Olivia Lynch

Here is an example of what you could potentially wear to the event.

Olivia Lynch, Copy Editor

B4P is here, and with all the hustle and bustle of this past spirit week, you may have forgotten to make a unique outfit to show your school spirit at the annual pride competition. Here are some last minute ideas you can whip up with clothing you probably already have in your closet.


A classic prison look is a black and white striped shirt. Layer your black B4P shirt over a striped long sleeve for an edgier look, or wear a short sleeve striped shirt so you won’t overheat. Pair this look with black jeans and make sure to add some red to your outfit to fit the theme. 


Pair your black B4P t-shirt with denim bottoms, whether that would be a skirt or jeans. Add a red bandana to have color and show your spirit. 


Not everyone might have a red prison jumpsuit laying around their house, but if they do, Friday night would be a perfect time to wear it.  


This outfit is directed more towards the girls. If you haven’t already bought your ticket, get your B4P shirt a few sizes too big. Then, you can pair it with fishnet leggings and some chunky boots to show Lakeland you’re ready to kick their butts.