Your guide on ways to dress up during spirit week


Peyton Mullen

Battle for the Paddle spirit week will span from January 13th to the 17th.

Autumn Morgan, Social Media Editor

Tourist Tuesday

Missing those sunny summer days? Well you’re in luck. On Tuesday you can dress like you’re in 80 degree weather. Grab dad’s old Hawaiian shirt, a complimenting Lei from the dollar store, some khakis, and if you want to add a bit of flare- a nice sunhat, binoculars, and a fanny pack would do the trick!

Western Wednesday

All you need for Western Wednesday is those old cowboy boots, some jeans, and a flannel. If you’re looking to go all out on this day, a cowboy hat would be the perfect touch to top the outfit off. 

Throwback Thursday

Thursday is the designated day for getting to go back into the past. On this day, choose your favorite decade, and dress accordingly! For example, if your favorite decade was the 80’s, make sure to have big hair, neon colors, and some leg warmers.

Free-us Friday

On the final day of the week–the day of Battle for the Paddle–wear what you are going to wear to the event. This would include your B4P T-shirt and whatever it is you have planned to wear the following night at the event. To fit the jailbreak theme, a bandanna, handcuffs, and baggy pants would work perfectly.