CP staffer gives what they hope for in the anticipated Netflix series


Peyton Mullen

The Witcher is a new TV series airing only on Netflix.

Connor Moreno, Multimedia Editor

The Witcher has been a phenomenal series in its books, Games, Comics, and hopefully will be the same in its soon to be Netflix series. The Witcher is about Geralt, a traveling monster slayer for hire, who is mutated and trained from an early age to slay deadly beasts. A witcher is someone who has undergone extensive training, ruthless mental and physical conditioning, and mysterious rituals in preparation for becoming an itinerant monsterslayer. What is to be expected from the new Netflix Series?

When an original book series is turned into a movie or adaptation, it doesn’t usually live up to the standard. First impressions are always important in order for others to give feedback on what is good and what to change. As an example, the Sonic Movie’s first trailer was absolutely horrid and the Internet made sure that the company knew that. In almost the first time in history, a studio went back to change an entire character to ensure their community will decide if it’s worth watching.

What does this have to do with The Witcher’s Netflix series? Well, the Witcher is extremely popular, and if Netflix messes up then they’ll have a lot to deal with from the audience.