Is taking 2 hours out of your day to see the second “Frozen” movie worth it?


Peyton Mullen

Staffer Autumn Morgan gives her opinion on the newly released Frozen II.

Autumn Morgan, Social Media Editor

“Frozen”, the highest-grossing animated film in history, took its place as one of the most popular children’s movies of all time in 2013. Six years after its debut, people around the world were filled with excitement to hear of a sequel was coming to theaters. Now that the continuation of the fun-filled animation is released, many wonder if Frozen can uphold its reputation following such a successful start. 

After going to the theater and watching the movie, I have to say that I was disappointed. Not only did the film have a repetitive storyline but it was overall an uneventful movie, lacking a solid plot line. 

In an attempt to explain the past of Anna and Elsa’s parents, the movie created confusion between past and present, especially for young viewers. Along with this, the plot line was very similar to the first movie and didn’t quite make sense. The plot went a little like this: Elsa doesn’t want Anna’s help, Anna tries anyway, everyone gets put into danger, Anna saves Elsa again, Elsa saves the people of Arendelle again, and they’re all happy. Clearly, the movie was overall redundant and predictable.

On a better note, the musical and comical portion of the film was a nice relief from the disappointing plot. Catchy new songs and funny one liners helped in making the movie bearable. Along with this, the animation was outstanding, containing many beautiful scenes and detailed characters. 

All in all, the film was not my personal favorite and I would recommend just watching the first movie instead. But for a younger audience, I think the movie could be quite enjoyable and worth watching, especially for all the 8 year old Elsa and Anna superfans.