The Esports team works hard to be recognized as a sports team at SHS

Connor Moreno, Multimedia Editor

Our school’s Esports team needs to be recognized as a Sandpoint High School sports team. 

It provides students with another option to participate in a school activity which is safer than traditional sports and provides a low risk to life threatening injuries. 

The sport also brings those who are afraid to open up about their passion and help build relationships based on the games they play. Providing students with another option to participate in a school activity helps them find those who have been self conscious about their hobbies, and grow from there. 

Esports team advisor Mr. Hawkins explains,”The biggest issue we face is stereotyping; gamers no longer are just guys sitting in their mom’s basement. People are now truly making a living off gaming.” Most people believe that others who play video games are brainless kids wasting their lives away.

Although that’s true to some, there are others who are productive with this time and are attempting to make a name for themselves. 

I, as a member of the Esports team, am uploading content once every week during school so I can gradually make my way up the board and make a living out of what I am most passionate about.

“For us, we have had a team reach the top 8 of high school teams in the nation for Rocket League. While currently the number of rivals in the area are few, we are currently the powerhouse in the area and we are often contacted by other schools looking to start their own program.” States Hawkins. 

Our Esports team gradually grows with every season that passes. We have competitions that go unnoticed every week. Just like any other sport, we play to have fun and connect with those who share a passion for our sport. We only wish to be noticed as part of our school’s sports and not a club that goes unseen.