Cedar Post staffers address the vital qualities wanted within a new superintendent

As the search for a new superintendent for the Lake Pend Oreille School District commences, it is vital for the new candidate to have certain qualities in order to preserve the functionality of our school district.

One of the most distinctive and memorable things about Mr. Woodward was his personability. When he entered the room, he was never seen as an intimidating authority; he was a friend to students and a mentor to teachers.  We hope to see the same ability to interact directly, compassionately, and enthusiastically with students, specifically within our future superintendent.

Organization and a solid basis of expectations are key traits important to see in the new superintendent.”

— CP Staff

Though routine can seem daunting to some, structure is an immensely important factor to any learning process. While in charge, Woodward brought a signature style of structure to every classroom; the most prominent one that we see daily are learning targets. Organization and a solid basis of expectations are key traits important to see in the new superintendent.

Woodward was not only a leader in the school district, but in the community as well. It was not uncommon to spot him up at Schweitzer, pass him on a hiking trail, or see him at a neighborhood restaurant. We hope the person who fills his position will carry that same level of locality.

Beyond the multitude of traits Woodward brought to the table, we hope to entrust our school district, and ultimately our lives, with a figure who will look to improve our education without uprooting mass amounts of our current core.

With a new mind available for feedback and initiating decisions, changes and improvements will be necessary and are desired. But, in order for the new superintendent to find success, it is definitive that any major changes must be initiated over time. Having that understanding will be beneficial to not only the candidate, but for the rest of the LPOSD.

It is vital the school board and our community commits themselves to a leader that has the plans to continue their employment with the district for a number of years so that changes can be introduced gradually, consistently, and comfortability within the school district.