Sandpoint gets new weight room in order to aid athletes and their development


Freddy Libby

The new weight room offers a variety of equipment, accessible to Sandpoint students and staff.

Riley Walkington, Sports Editor

As spring approaches, so does a new beginning for Sandpoint sports

Last month, the Bulldog Bench, Litehouse, and PAFE funded a new weight room that is accessible for all athletes and students at Sandpoint High School, however is primarily used for the sports teams and physical education classes.

“I’m excited about the weight room, because all of the new equipment added a lot of space and provided more stations for people to workout and do all of the things that they need to do for their certain sports,” said Gabe Christman, a member of the cross country team.

The last time the weight room was remodeled was in 2012, which included new vibe plates and treadmills with the renovations totaling approximately around $92,000; therefore, it was due time for new additions.

“It was a time to put more money into the weights,” said head football coach, Ryan Knowles.

After a lot of time and consideration in regards to layout, a plan was formed through a company called Rogers Athletic based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This company has developed the top weight rooms and workout facilities for some of the biggest colleges in the country.

Knowles headed this project and chose to add twelve different racks, with a variation of different features, which came to a total of around $94,000.

“Each rack provides everything for the average lifter. They are ideally designed to hold three people each, and the individual rack is self contained so that you can do every lift on the program at your station,” said Knowles.

This means that within each rack, students can work functionally in that designated area without the need to move around.

“My favorite part about the weight room is how it makes you feel. The new equipment is really nice and it makes working out and the experience even better,” said Dylan Peterson, a member of the varsity football team.

The weight room is now available for everyone to access and utilize it’s new equipment.

“This weight room is for the town, the doors are open, and it is available for the students and faculty. It is for everyone and for everyone for a long time. Come one, come all,” said Ryan Knowles.