Freshman wrestler KJ Johansen dominates on the mats in and out of season


Freshman KJ Johansen has been wrestling for over five years and plans to make her impact as soon as she steps foot on the mat.

Johansen moved to Sandpoint two years ago from Sacramento, California and has continued wrestling ever since. Although her development was somewhat delayed due to the new atmosphere she was placed in, she began to find certain avenues that began aiding her in improvement in Sandpoint.

“Moving was very challenging, because my coaches were everything to me where I had lived and trained, but luckily I feel as if I am getting the help I need here,” said Johansen.

Not only does Johansen participate in wrestling through Sandpoint High School, but in various other programs as well .

Since moving, she was chosen for the Idaho National Team where she proceeds to work on her progress as a female wrestler, with high hopes of playing at the collegiate level once she graduates from high school.

“The connections I have made with coaches at Team Idaho I feel will give me better opportunities and will better prepare me for the college I wish to pursue in,” said Johansen.

During her last year with Team Idaho, she won state in women’s freestyle school girls division, while competing in other events.

In addition, Johansen practices with the Bonners Ferry Wrestling Team to train for women’s freestyle, since Sandpoint High School does not offer this style.

As far as college is concerned, Johansen plans on pursuing freestyle wrestling wherever she can go.

“Wrestling has taught me that to win something I have never won, I have to do something I have never done,” said Johansen.