Growing Dreams Productions puts on their fourth play at the Panida theater

Lauren Sfeir, Photo Editor

From dressing up for a ball to being saved by prince charming, most individuals are familiar with  classic fairy tales that depict the journey of princesses on their path to obtain a happily ever after.

On Friday, March 10, Growing Dreams Productions put on their first performance of Rogers & Hammerstein’s “Once Upon a Mattress,” a play that tells an alternative version of “Princess and the Pea.”

Founded four years ago by SHS Drama teacher Jeannie Hunter, Growing Dreams Productions is a company that has put on four musical productions that have featured many students from a variety of grade levels.

Being their fourth play, “Once Upon a Mattress” consists of around 22 songs and 41 character roles. Not to mention, around 72 crew members were involved in responsibilities such as creating the set, designing costumes, and choreographing dances.

“Every person in this production is important and their role is crucial to make the play a success,” sophomore makeup lead Ekaterina Keseloff said.

Having worked on this production since January, it was finally able to make its debut at the Panida and was a big hit. Audience members enjoyed the comic take of the well known fairy tale, as it included funny twists and turns from the princess swimming the moat to the fact that it was not a pea that caused her to have a sleepless night.

“I really think that they put a lot of energy and effort into tonight and it is really coming out to the audience in a really awesome way that connects you to the play. I just think that they are doing a really great job,” community member Chloe Rothenberger said.

Performances of “Once Upon a Mattress” will continue at the Panida on March 11, 16, 17, and 18 at 7 pm as well as a matinee at 2 pm on March 18. At the matinee kids under 12 can get a ticket for $10. There will also be drawings for prizes. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door or from the Panida’s website.  Thursday March 16 is student night where students 18 and under who have ASB or ID cards can get into the show for $12.