Chase Tigert brings his coaching experience to the SHS baseball team.

Taran McLaughlin, Multimedia Editor

This upcoming baseball season the team will be directed by a new coach, Chase Tigert. Tigert’s goal is to use his coaching experience to put Sandpoint High School’s baseball team back on the map.

After being around baseball for years, Tigert has learned to love the game. He was born and raised in Southern California.

As a player, Tigert was a four year varsity player in high school and played college baseball at the University of San Francisco and Cal Lutheran University.

He transitioned from player to coach when he was hired as an assistant coach to the University of Napa Valley’s baseball team. After a couple years, he transitioned to the school’s Athletic Director.

After taking a few years off from sports to focus on his family, Tigert missed being a coach.

“I missed it. I missed being with the players] on and off the field and seeing their growth as individuals…” Tigert said.

Tigert had been wanting to move from for a long time, and fell in love with the small town feeling of Sandpoint.

After being offered a job as a health teacher and baseball coach, Tigert decided Sandpoint would be a great place to raise a family.

Tigert plans to create a family culture on the team to elevate the level of play.

Senior Caleb Edlund claimed that he was very excited for the upcoming season. “No doubt this year we are going to state,” Edlund said.

With a new coach and big goals the SHS baseball team is looking forward to a bright 2017 season.