The SHS Wrestling Team endures change in culture

McCalee Cain, Lifestyles Editor


Any athletic program can experience a dramatic shift in team culture in times of changing leadership.

Such is not the case for Sandpoint wrestling: the program continues to focus on its vigorous work ethic and dedication to the pursuit of excellence.

“This year, it’s pretty much…All serious, all the time,” said senior Zackary Alamillo.

The leadership in the wrestling program recently shifted as previous head coach Mike Randles accepted a job as Vice Principal at Coeur d’Alene High School. With him left his son Casey Randles, two-time reigning state wrestling champion.

“Sandpoint’s smaller size allowed so that everyone on the team had at least known each other since middle school, so I’d say the team was a little closer together there,” Casey Randles said about the Sandpoint wrestling team.

The loss of these key figures of the program invited a change of culture among the wrestlers and coaches, yet the team remains adhered to the values that have held it together for years: dedication, work ethic, and honesty.

“Even though we have had a head coaching change, because all the wrestlers have been around Coach Stark for the last few years, there hasn’t really been a change in culture,” said assistant coach Steve Miller.

The team culture of wrestling as a sport is open to interpretation. While some argue that it is a very team-oriented sport, others, including senior wrestler Zackary Alamillo, argue that it is a more self-motivated sport.

“Many people think that it’s a team sport, but it’s really not. There’s no one else on the mat that they could call a time out and switch to, so I feel like it’s a very individual sport,” Alamillo said.