International trips become popular once again at SHS

Lydia Welp, Lifestyles Editor








Before 9/11, taking an international trip during high school was common for many students. However, as one can imagine, these trips became unheard of after the attack. Now, fifteen years later, students and teachers once again venture past U.S. borders. Recently, trips have gone to Tanzania, and next spring to Italy and Brazil. Led by teachers, students typically explore the area they’re in through sightseeing, visiting historical sights, trying new food, and meeting locals.

Junior Hannah Ahern will be travelling with a group led by Connor Baranski to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “To learn some of the culture we are going to take a samba class and see the cathedral and imperial museum,” Ahern said.

Communications teacher Lisa Barton will be chaperoning a trip to Italy.

“Students will visit Venice, Montepulciano, Rome and Florence over 9 days. We have electricity the opportunity to take part in glass blowing classes as well as cooking classes among many other activities,” Barton said.

Traveling abroad brings great benefits to students. Students gain a better understanding of the world and get a first hand experience of the way other’s lives differ from their own. Also, students often get to practice the language they study in school.

However, these eye-opening experiences come at a high price. Such an expensive ticket discourages some students, although many students fundraise in order to afford the trip.

“The trip costs roughly $2,700 plus airfare which is all inclusive for 9 days. Many students are raising their own money through their own fundraising and hard work. Some students are selling firewood, setting up gofundme accounts, as well as a shoe drive and taking on extra jobs to be able to afford the trip,” Barton said.

Even though students find out about these trips through the school, they aren’t run or sponsored by the school, so the SHS school policy does not apply. Having expectations outlined by the independent company gives students and staff the ability explore their area with appropriate guidelines.

Hopefully more students will have the chance to travel abroad as trips become popular. And for those who might be hesitant for financial reasons, just remember there’s always a way.