SHS Juniors Prepare to Compete for Scholarships

Lydia Welp, Staff Member

rsz_dsc_4050Lauren Sfeir

In junior year students begin thinking about college and the dramatic cost that comes with post secondary education. One popular scholarship program Sandpoint High School students are taking advantage of is Distinguished Young Women. DYW is part of a nationwide program which awards scholarships to young women for their achievements.

Ten junior girls from the high school have been working hard to prepare for their big competition night on April 2nd. Different components of the competition include a fitness routine, a talent display, a self expression performance, an essay, an interview, and a mentoring workshop.

“You are prepared to interview as you would for a job,” participant Kelly Curtis said.

“It’s a big time commitment, but it’s fun.”

Participation is free; however, dedication, hard work, and a willingness to try new things is required in order to succeed in the program. Competitors work together to raise money that is pooled to create the scholarship fund. On a national scale, $820 million in college scholarships is available each year.

“By participating in DYW I broadened my horizons socially by making new friends, and I learned to do things I don’t normally do such as the dance fitness routine, the interview, and public speaking,” Paige Crane said, a participant from last year.

Even if participants don’t win the scholarship money, they will have gained many other skills.

“I would love to gain good experiences with interview skills, and some scholarship money, but ultimately I hope to walk away with new friends, and I will be very grateful to have participated in the program even if I do not win,” Jaden Lohman said.

One of the ways the girls are raising money is through a fashion show. The participants will model clothes from stores downtown and a part of the proceeds will go towards their scholarships for the big competition night. Tickets are available for $10 from the participants or POAC. Come and support the girls at 12:30pm on Saturday, March 12th at Sandpoint High School.