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Dia de los Muertos en Sandpoint

A Celebration of the Day of the Dead.

This day taking place on November 1st-2nd is a Mexican Holiday blended in indigenous people’s and catholic traditions. This holiday is specifically to honor those who have passed to the afterlife. Widely celebrated in Mexico, this holiday gives families a chance to remember family members and friends who have died. All the traditions of this holiday hold a purpose to either commemorate those who have passed or to call them home to see said commemorations. 

In Sandpoint, at Evan’s Brother’s Elinor Reed and her husband, an avid helper in substitute teaching at Sandpoint High School, set up an Ofrenda for those who wished to remember their beloved family members. The gorgeous Ofrenda was decorated with all the children who accompanied past loved one’s photos, favorite foods, and objects. 

Dia de los Muertos Traditions include but aren’t limited to:

The Ofrenda: an altar where those who wish to remember their loved ones place photos, poems, songs, food, toys, and any other things they might believe their passed friends and family might like.

Alfombra: A carpet made out of sawdust with beautiful designs, this helps the dead’s spirits find their way to the ofrendas.

Marigold Petals: Another way to give the dead a path to their friends and family, both by the gorgeous sight and the sweet smell of the flowers.

Candles: Very important pieces of the Ofrenda as they help to light the dead’s way.

Sugar Skulls: Made not usually to be eaten but to be a symbol for the dead.

Pan de Muertos: A bread made for both the family and the dead.  

Incense and Salt: To repel negative spirits that might not be welcome.

Dia de los Muertos is a holiday about culture, tradition, family, and friends. Next November, perhaps enjoy this holiday with your Hispanic friends and family and learn more about Mexico’s rich cultural traditions.

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