Study and Homework Habits

A In-depth look-in for students and studying

“If I study more then my grade will improve,” is a common misconception when it comes to studying, because it is not merely time that improves one’s grade. Take for example, a student who studies 40+ hours a week, but barely scrapes by with C’s and D’s; this could be because the student spent their time studying poorly and distracted. Likewise, ‘to study’ is a broad term and one can take it in many directions. To heed one’s own study sessions, a person must first learn how they perform particularly. 

Thus, a few common learning techniques are known as visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic. Each of these methods will require a different approach when it comes to studying. An online site known as How To Study conducted a testing service for one to take and determine their own ‘learning style’. Once the test is taken and the results are provided, try researching what works best for the style or learning habit. For instance, a visual learner could draw small pictures about key information to help them understand or a kinesthetic learner could tap their fingers in a certain pattern as they look over certain notes, etc. 

Moreover, the majority of students interested in improving their study skills should try a to-do list/planner. Damian Gooding, a teacher at Sandpoint High School (SHS), stated, “I think that’s something I would advise, [is] for them to list out what are their upcoming responsibilities or tests and to try and chip away at that.” Mr. Gooding discussed with an interviewer the benefits and advantages of creating oneself a written to-do list and slowly working through each item within a set timeframe. ‘How would you advise students to keep up with their homework and study habits this year?’ was the prompting question to the following response, “I would tell them to, I guess, keep a planner of some sort whether that was digital or a physical planner where they could write down their homework assignments that they get in each class.” said Corey Johnson, a chemistry teacher at SHS. That being said, a planner or to-do list would immensely help keep students focused and on task with one’s work, according to the sources listed above.

To conclude, understanding one’s own personal style of learning, and keeping a tight and well-performing planner can vividly improve a students studying habits and task management.