Construction Combine

Students learn valuable skills to benefit them in their lives after High School.


The construction combine was an event where students from Sandpoint High school and other local schools learned how to build sheds which were given to veterans. They also learned skills that are needed to have a job in construction like communicating with others and problem solving skills. Senior Blake Sherril said that he,“learned how to put shingles on a roof efficiently, how to frame a house, and how to put a door on a house.”  Sherril said that the experience was fun and he would recommend that anyone interested in construction should go if they have the chance, “yes i think all people should know how to build things and have the skills to have a blue collar job because our country lacks blue collar job workers. I think that this was very beneficial because I want to have a blue collar job and the combine showed me a little bit of what I might do in my job.” Overall, Sherril enjoyed going to the combine and learning new things. Sophomore Stella Burke said that the combine kept everyone busy with lots of things to do,“we built flooring and walls, we did roofing, cut wood, and we used a bunch of nail guns and power tools.” Burke said she learned lots of essential skills for working in construction from the combine,  “I learned and used communication skills and critical thinking. I communicated with my team members to assemble the shed and put the parts in the right places. I also used critical thinking to use the power tools properly and assemble things correctly.” After the combine Burke was offered an apprenticeship by a local company, Idagon construction. “I think lower classmen should go to the combine because you get to go out and build stuff, meet new people and have fun.”