Development of Personality in Highschool

A school has multiple people with variating personalities to help create a whole community of individual students.

Marah Klemz, Opinion Editor

To develop a personality is to define oneself to standerizations that only apply to oneself and not a single soul can relate to one’s whole ideal. Personality is formed from actions, choices, looks and environments, but with everyone being exposed to different experiences no one is the same. It is that uniqueness that calls attention to importance. The fact that not a single person grew up the same, that no one looks the same and that no one faces the same experiences that one is able to feel relatively okay. High school students face the aspects of maturing as well as the responsibility of living to one’s own reasons. These students overcome or don’t overcome these challenges to create and format how one lives. Say a student was exposed to a multitude of louder personalities and felt aghast about those people so the student chose to stay quiet and relaxed. The same goes for those who saw too many quiet souls and then decided that someone must be the one to shout so why not oneself.

Sandpoint High School has a variety of students who face similar challenges daily and must work alongside the ideals one was born into to develop their own personality. A study produced and performed by me, Marah Klemz, shows a variety of ways students could define oneself in order for others to further understand the people who regularly attend Sandpoint High. The results show that roughly thirty-seven point three percent of eighty-three students who attend SHS show qualities of a diplomat, thirty-one point four percent of those students are similar to explorers, nineteen point three percent perform duties like a sentinel and lastly twelve percent are analysts. One can read these facts but what do they mean? Well the results show that the larger variety of people at Sandpoint Highschool chose characteristics of a diplomat meaning these students might lean towards friendships, being helpful and interactive. Different from the diplomats at the school the crowd also contains the twelve percent of logicans and analysts where despite there only being a small percentage of this category it shows that some students don’t lean towards people but rather lean towards grades, books and anything that one might enjoy. 

These results help show that there is diversity among the students here at Sandpoint High. Despite people receiving these results that does not mean that the diplomats are not smart it just means that in the  overall experience of life the diplomats prefer to be outgoing. Similar to the statement above, analysts aren’t always introverted but most likely tend to put one’s grades or goals first. Personalities are a way for one to display oneself to the world, so with all one’s heart please display it. 

Sandpoint Highschool has a large categorization of students who have large ideals and small ideals that form a personality of proper uniqueness. Personalities aren’t always simple and insignificant as one might perceive others but often personalities are intricate and unexplainable eccentric.