5 More Stocks Now


Peyton Mullen, Graphic Design Editor

Here is the newest list outlining some of the popular and potentially profitable stocks of 2021. At the moment the stock market is having a hard time and the NASDAQ is down around 10% so now is a perfect time to buy. This is not a what-to-buy list. It’s strongly encouraged to do your own research before investing in anything, but this brief overview will give you an idea of what the most successful stocks are right now.  


Tesla – TSLA

Since writing our last stock story Tesla got added to the S&P 500 and stock prices have risen from $400 to $850, double the last price, and now Tesla looks to climb as high as $1,050 a share. Therefore, this could be a very profitable long-term investment.


Nio – NIO

Nio proves to be one of the most popular stocks out there with a positive outlook as China continues to embrace electric cars.


Switchback Energy – SBE

Switchback Energy is a charging company that plans to merge with Charge Point, the current largest electric charger company in the US. With the possible implementation of the Green New Deal, this could see massive gains.


CCL – Carnival

Carnival is an international cruise line that got hit hard with the COVID-19 lockdown, and as of now it still hasn’t recovered. Carnival has cut back on costs to reduce the negative effect of COVID, and it’s starting to have some upward trends. This is one of the only Coronavirus affected stocks that could still recover, although you might be more cautious towards it’s volatility.


XL Fleet – XL

Xl Fleet is a company turning traditional gas powered cars into fully electric cars. This stock could be more profitable if the proposed Green New Deal that has been considered, passes into law. As businesses have more and more incentive to switch to electric cars, it makes more sense to turn the already owned gas cars into electric for cheaper than to sell all the cars and buy electric ones. These changes would result in a large jump in revenue for this up and coming company.