Safe Winter Driving Tips

Three tips on how to drive safe during the unpredictable and snowy winter months


Wyatt Leoni

Driving in the snow can be both scary and dangerous. However, winter driving is something you will have to face at some point in your life, especially if you live in North Idaho. Here are a few precautions that you can take to prevent driving accidents in the winter and keep you as well as others safe on the icy roads of north Idaho.


1. The first and most important tip for driving in the snow, is get snow tires. They are essential no matter what vehicle you drive. If you are sliding uncontrollably, even with snow tires, take them to a trusted tire shop for replacement. Snow tires age after so many miles, which can make them dangerous in icy conditions.


2. Drive gently. Do this by accelerating slowly and braking earlier and softer to gain traction. Do not accelerate hard up hills, don’t ride the brakes down hills, avoid taking sharp turns with speed, and do not speed on icy roads. These little things can make the difference between getting to your destination or ending up in a ditch. 


3. Be prepared. Here are some things you should store on your car in case you happen to get in an accident: extra warm clothing because you never know if you will be able to stay in your car with a heater, and you never know how long you will be without rescue. A small shovel can be your best friend if you need to dig yourself or someone else out. Recovery straps will be helpful in any situation where your car or another car on the road needs a tug to get out of a slushy situation. A flashlight, flare, or reflective triangle makes you visible on the side of the road, helping rescue find you, and helping people see you and also serve as a warning to other drivers to avoid them not crashing into you.