5 Successful Stocks

A brief overview of currently popular and profitable stocks to consider investing in.

Peyton Mullen, Graphic Design Editor

Here is a list outlining some of the popular and potentially profitable stocks going into 2021. This is not a what to buy list. It is strongly encouraged to do your own research before investing in anything, but this brief overview will give you an idea of what the most successful stocks right now are. Why should you invest now? At the moment, the world is in a bit of a small economic crash. If you invest now when prices are down, when the economy is on the rise again, it is almost guaranteed that you will make money.


1. Alibaba – BABA

 You should look into investing in Alibaba because it has had a lot of growth despite some downward spikes. When China starts getting good news that Coronavirus cases are dwindling, I predict that Alibaba will skyrocket up to around 300 a share around 2021.

2. JP Morgan – JPM

 JP Morgan is a great established company though it hasn’t recovered as much as other fields have. When a vaccine for COVID-19 comes out, this stock will increase back to where it was before with the potential for a 5-10% increase.

3. Switchback energy – SBE

 This successful stock has only skyrocketed since Biden was announced as the projected winner of the 2020 Presidential election because people know that he will push new EV markets meaning that this company could see large growth with Biden being elected. Even though it has grown substantially, there will be a pullback. When this happens, it would be a good idea to grab some shares to see a 5% increase immediately and potentially a 20% increase within a year.

4. Nio – NIO

 Nio is the new rocket stock. China recently came out with a statement saying the country wanted half of all cars to be electric by 2025 — which is a lot of cars in a very little period of time. At the moment, Nio is leading in the Chinese EV market. In the past month, it’s gone up 65%. So, eventually, with another quarantine or if Corona were to vanish, there would be a pullback. Watch out for this and grab some shares when it does decrease.

5. Tesla – TSLA

As of November 16, Tesla finally has been added to the s&p 500. This means that there will be a lot of incentive to buy as it’s now the leading Electric Vehicle manufacturer. Currently, it is at 440, but people can see it reaching upwards of 500 by the end of the year.


When a Coronavirus vaccine is released and there is a major decrease in Coronavirus cases, all these stocks will go up towards a 10% increase in the total stock market. Look into these stocks yourself because some have quarter financials coming out soon which could change whether or not one invests in them.