Frisbee for Days

A group of students stay active during lunch with a daily game of frisbee.


Lucy Allen

Kylan Blaser, Hayden Norling, and John Keegan engage in their daily game of frisbee.

Lucy Allen, Multi-media & Reviews Editor

Every day, almost without fail, a group of students participates in a game of frisbee on the lawn outside the Sandpoint High School.

No matter the weather, Junior Kylan Blaser, Senior Hayden Norling, and Junior John Keegan can be seen showing off their well-practiced frisbee skills.

After quickly eating their lunches at the beginning of fourth period, the boys run outside and take a break from being confined to their desks all day. 

“I like coming [outside] because it gets you active and gets the blood running,” Norling said. “I feel like it actually helps you in school because it gets your blood pumping so it helps keep you focused.” 

The friends said that they don’t participate in any frisbee competitions, they just enjoy using the activity as a daily mental break to get outside and get some fresh air — even if it’s just for 10 minutes. 

During fourth period, Norling has an English class while Blaser and Keegan take Statistics. Keegan said that getting some physical activity right before taking an AP Stats test has been beneficial for him. The groups says they want more students to come join their game on the south lawn.

Students can consider getting some fresh air and exercise outside during lunch and sharpen their frisbee skills while they’re at it.