It is important to stay warm and hydrated to avoid getting sick during the long months of extended winter in Sandpoint


Molly Balison

Here are some tips for staying healthy when battling the cold and flu season that plagues Sandpoint in February.

Molly Balison, Lifestyle Editor


Drinking hot liquids has many benefits to one’s health including relief from congestion, healthy digestion, reduction of toxins, and relaxation for your nervous system. A popular Starbucks drink called the “Medicine Ball” is a tasty hot drink that helps boost your immune system. The soothing concoction is made with green tea, peach tea, steamed lemonade, and honey. This simple recipe can also be recreated at home when you need a calming pick-me-up.


Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult, but it definitely helps make your immune system stronger against sickness. Partake in the healthy food and drink Sandpoint has to offer like a nutritious smoothie from Winter Ridge, a warm cup of soup from Yokes, or a probiotic packed kombucha from Upside Kombucha. 


A major way you can be proactive about your health is by consuming less sugar, since the substance weakens your immune system. Ingesting sugar when you have a cold can worsen your symptoms and cause inflammation. Try to eliminate candy and processed sweets that contain artificial sugars and eat fruits and vegetables instead. 


It is said that the average teenager should get 8-10 hours of sleep to recharge their energy. A large percentage of teens do not get nearly an adequate amount of rest. Even when you feel like you have to stay up late studying, put down your homework and catch up on your sleep – it’s vital important for your immune system’s function.


Getting regular physical activity is beneficial for staying healthy whether it’s playing a sport, doing a short workout, or simply going for a walk. Exercise reduces your chances of getting sick and enhances your white blood cells that fight diseases. 


It is important to wash your hands regularly because you contract billions of bacteria throughout the school day which live on surfaces for two to eight hours. It wouldn’t hurt to regularly sanitize your phone, which harbors many germs from the many places that we take them.