Sophomore Ellen Clark hopes to inspire others to try out for lacrosse this spring


Molly Balison

Sophomore starter Ellen Clark catches the ball in the pocket during her weekly lacrosse practice at the Bonner County Fairgrounds in Ponderay, Idaho.

Lacrosse is a sport that has been more well-known on the East Coast, but it’s popularity has slowly migrated towards the North West and it continues to spark the interest of kids in Sandpoint. Since lacrosse is fairly new to North Idaho, competing teams share relatively equal levels of ability and knowledge making it an overall easy sport for new players to pick up quickly.

The head coach of the girls team, Nancy Dooley, has witnessed the camaraderie and sportsmanship between the majority of the teams her players have competed against as everyone is in the process of learning the trades of the sport.

“If you want playing time, you want to have fun, and learn something new that’s not too difficult to learn, then girls lacrosse is your sport,” Dooley said.

Dooley has been coaching lacrosse for a total of three years and has experienced working with both boys and girls teams. She enjoys working with the girls team because they are especially ambitious and compliant. Dooley was impressed by the girls’ attitudes and willingness to be helpful, “They were almost knowing the next thing that was going to happen and were ready to make it happen,” said Dooley.

This season I really just want to get as many girls interested in lacrosse as I can.

— Ellen Clark

Heading into the spring, Sophomore Ellen Clark eagerly anticipates the lacrosse season to kick off so she can practice and strive to improve. Clark said that lacrosse has been a part of her life since she was eight years old and has been developing her skills and technique through various lacrosse camps and clinics. Coach Dooley, described Clark as “a bundle of energy” as well as an all around enthusiastic and committed player who has proven to be an asset to her team through her leadership skills.

Clark believes that what makes lacrosse such an interesting sport is the finesse one has to learn in order to maneuver with ease and be in the right place at the right time.  

“Lacrosse is so quick and if you aren’t watching your team and where you are, as well as the other team and their players, you’ll get played every time.” said Clark. She is fueled by the adrenaline she experiences during games.

The  amount of players are not solidified as registration is still open, but Dooley is hoping to have enough people sign up to create three age divisions with fourteen players minimum on the high school level team.

Students who are interested in joining a team to develop their skills or just to have fun can register at sandpointlacrosse.org.

“This season I really just want to get as many girls interested in lacrosse as I can. That’s really the only goal I have, because I love this sport and I think other people could share my love for it,” Clark said.