Cedar Post

  • Starting on Wednesday August 21st, students can pick their schedule up at the high school!
  • First day of the 2019/2020 school year is on Tuesday September 3rd!
  • New student and freshman orientation starts at 5:30pm on Wednesday August 28th!

2014-2015 Staff

Preston Cole
William Love
Sadie Nitcy
Jackson Russo
Hailey Dunn
Darbey Scrimsher
Jordan Garrett
Caroline Suppiger
Sarah Almeida
Cooper King
Madi Sleyster
Austin Laiche
Sarah Wells
Galen May
Christian Crossingham
Dylan Kuzmich
Jake Betcher
Delia Boyd
Ben Bristow
Oakley Pettit
Madi Schoening
Greer Cole
Mikayla Brennan
Alex Lantz
Taylor Martin
Alex Baker
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